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Q - Is there a difference between UV Ozone and Corona Discharge Ozone?

A - Yes.

There are two main types of ozone air generator products which will actually work to eliminate thousands of toxic chemicals, viruses, bacteria, mold, odors and more. Ultraviolet (UV) and corona discharge (CD) ozone generators. There are similarities between each, but they have some fundamental differences that are important for potential ozone customers to consider. The following paragraphs will further outline UV Ozone Generators and Corona Discharge Ozone Generators information and some positive points to look for when using an ozone air generator.

UV ozone generators create ozone similarly to how it is created in the upper atmosphere with sunlight. When air is passed over the UV lamp, the oxygen molecules are split apart into single oxygen atoms. The single atoms naturally try to seek stability and do so by bonding with other oxygen molecules to form ozone. The UV rids the air of contaminants by rupturing the cells of the organisms. A UV ozone generator is very effective at creating ozone that completely destroys and eradicates thousands of dangerous toxins and viruses including, norovirus, influenza, superbugs, MRSA, toxic mold, cigarette smoke odors, pet odors, urine odors, odors, synthetic material chemicals imbedded in furniture, paints, plastics, carpets, and so much more. The UV is also effective at deterring spider mites and other airborne pathogens that can inhibit or harm Hydroponics plant growth.

By contrast, corona discharge ozone generators create ozone similar to how it is created in lightening. These Corona Discharge ozone generators create an electrical field or corona over a dielectric surface. When dry air passes through the corona, the oxygen molecules split apart into single atoms and then seek to group into stable groups of ozone in the same way described previously with UV Ozone. Corona discharge ozone generators come in three different types based on frequency. Low frequency generators are between 50 and 100 Hz, medium frequencies range between 100 and 1,000 Hz, and high frequencies are over 1,000 Hz. The higher frequency generators are generally more efficient and reliable.

Potential users should be aware of three things before deciding to use a Corona Discharge ozone generator. First, the air must be dry, less than 10% humidity, for corona discharge ozone to be efficient. As relative humidity increases, ozone output decreases. This can pose huge problems in the effectiveness of the CD ozone generator. Also, care needs to be taken when considering the electric arc used to produce the ozone. Make sure that the area you are standing in is free of water when you maintain your Corona Discharge ozone generator weekly. Second, 85%-90% of the electricity used to generate ozone also generates heat, so steps must be taken to remove excess heat. Third, corona discharge ozone creates a lot of Nitric Acid, which is very corrosive and harmful to you, your belongings, and your environment. Not to mention it is very corrosive to the internal ozone generator parts, can cause premature failure, and significantly increases the frequency of maintenance to keep the unit clean and running properly.

Q - Can an O3Pros™ treatment make my home healthier?

A - Yes.

Once the treatment on your home begins our patent pending ozone technology will begin to generate a cloud of ozone that will spread throughout your home until it eventually fills and saturates the structure many times over. Ozone is nature's active element, so it will follow and replace oxygen until there is no more oxygen present within the structure. The ozone cloud will even travel through and behind your walls, and into ventilation ducts resulting in a truly ozone filled environment. The cloud of ozone is the cleaning agent, disinfecting and oxidizing every square inch of surface within your home, leaving it completely free of germs, bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms. H1N1, MRSA, Mold, Toxic Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Pet Odors, Smoke Odors, Odors, and much, much more.

The ozone cloud is also able to clean deep into carpeting, drapery, furniture cushions, pillows, bed linens, mattresses and clothing! Because the cloud of ozone goes everywhere oxygen is present, even the smallest places, (in between the buttons of the remote control, and between the keys of a computer keyboard) are completely cleaned and disinfected of germs and bacteria, with no need whatsoever to remove any material furnishings. The initial application on most homes and businesses can be treated within 24 total hours. Ongoing maintenance treatments generally require only six hours when performed at least every six months.

Ozone is now known to be nature’s most powerful disinfectant, and our services utilize the strength of this organic gas to sterilize bacteria, mold, mildew, and any harmful contaminants within your indoor structure.

As our Ozone generators emit ozone concentrations above OSHA/EPA allowable limits so we require humans and animals to leave the premises during the ozone treatment process.

Q - Doesn’t the EPA say any amount of Ozone is hazardous to your health?

A - YES!

We use it safely, in unoccupied spaces, when you return; the air is safe and cleaner than ever before!

Q - What about those machines you put in the corner or on a coffee table that emit ozone and ions and clean the air in my home?

A - Confirm this answer with the EPA as well as Consumer Reports.  The EPA says ANY amount of ozone is hazardous to your health.  Therefore, they restrict the manufacturers of these in-home devices to only emitting a minimal percentage of ozone – not nearly enough to have ANY effect at cleaning air whatsoever.  However, if you are sitting next to your machine, watching television, reading a book, sleeping or whatever, you are inhaling a dangerous gas that is deteriorating your lungs and will ultimately cause health problems for you.  In other words, these devices are likely a scam and you should be cautious when considering your in-home air cleaning devices and services.

Our system operates while you are away from the home and leaving behind only fresh clean air upon your return!

Q - What about my fish?

A -  Fish can stay, however, turn off the filter and cover the tank.

Q - What about pictures and paintings?

A - Leave them up!  Our ozone is produced in a drier form than most other

methods.  Dust them off, and your pictures will likely be more brilliant then before!

Q - What about my plants?

A - Be sure to remove all delicate plants and flowers from the area to be ozoned.

You could, however, leave your stronger leafed and stronger stemmed plants. 

Delicate plants will surely suffer and might die if exposed to prolonged ozone.

The stronger plants will certainly appear wilted or dying, however, they will soon return to a stronger, more vibrant appearance now that the ozone has just killed all microscopic bugs that were covering its leaves and stems. Dust them off and see how they breathe cleaner, fresher air as well!


Q - Can I remain in my home or office during a treatment?  

A - NO! O3Pros™ will never perform a treatment in any area where people or pets are present. Our treatment system eliminates viruses and bacteria by creating a high concentration of ozone gas. This means the gas is also dangerous to people while the system is in operation. The EPA recommends that the public not be exposed to more than 0.1-0.3 ppm of ozone for extended periods of time and we follow those guidelines to ensure the safety of all clients. We pride ourselves on safety and integrity and will never compromise anyone's safety at any time. Most facilities are safe to enter 30 minutes after the system has been shut off and has been cleared by O3Pros™ technicians.

Q - How safe is Ozone?  

A - Ozone is safe and environmentally friendly. It is non-combustible, non-carcinogenic, and no irritating after effects. The ozone produced with O3Pros™ generators will not damage home furnishings and will not leave a residue on walls or furnishings because our generators do not produce nitric acid. Ozone does not harm foods and is approved by the FDA as a food preservative because of its ability to kill bacteria and molds.

Q - Does ozone eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses?  

A - Yes! During a O3Pros™ treatment all viruses and bacteria that come into contact with ozone gas will be eliminated.

Q - What is ozone gas?  

A - Ozone is colorless and has a distinct odor, like the smell after a thundershower. This odor will intensify as the home or office fills with ozone and diminishes rapidly after the ozone generators are turned off. The odor is not offensive and is completely gone within the same day.

Q - How does the ozone get behind the walls?  

A - As the generators continue to produce ozone, it forms a colorless "cloud" throughout the space. Over time, it filters through all porous surfaces, through vents and spaces to go everywhere oxygen is present. After several hours the ozone will even find its way behind walls and into all the "hidden" spaces in a home or commercial building. Essentially, if there is air present, the ozone will follow it.

Q - What happens to the mold after the O3Pros™ technology has treated it? 

A - There is no need to do anything. The mold is dead. If the mold is not visible, there is no reason to do anything with it; Mold will not come back to life. If the mold is visible, it is easily cleaned up with the proper vacuuming or by wiping it away. This is a simple and safe procedure, unlike the costly process of removing living mold.

Q - What about furniture, carpets, and drapes that have been effected by mold? 

A - In most cases, using O3Pros™ technology will allow you to save your furnishings because the ozone will penetrate the cushions and fabrics and kill all the mold and bacteria present. Often a thorough cleaning can then remove any stains that were present. An added bonus is that all the cushions in the home or office, including pillows and mattresses, will also be free of dust mites and bed bugs as well!


Q - What else does Ozone eradicate besides mold?  

A - Virtually anything that requires oxygen, such as aerobic bacteria, viruses and other fungi will be eradicated when exposed to ozone. Examples include E. coli, streptococcus, and salmonella. Anthrax is even eradicated when exposed to high levels of ozone! Most all things, living or not will be eradicated.

Q - Can cleaning up mold be hazardous to my health? 

A - Yes, during the cleaning process, you may be exposed to mold, strong detergents, and disinfectants. Spore counts may be 10 to 1000 times higher than background levels when mold-contaminated materials are disturbed. Take steps to protect you and your family's health by allowing us to do the remediation for you.

Q - Is the application of ozone approved by regulatory agencies?

A - In 1982, ozone was classified as generally recognized as Safe (GRAS) for treatment of bottled water. Since 2001, FDA approved ozone use as an anti microbial agent in foods. Ozone is also listed in the National Organic Program (NOP) final rule, which permits its use in processed products labeled as "organic" or "made with organic."

Q - What types of buildings can be cleaned using O3Pros™ services?  

A - Any type of building can be cleaned by O3Pros™. In special cases O3Pros™ can design a system capable of completely eradicating all mold, viruses and bacteria for long term use. Office buildings, warehouses, industrial facilities and residential buildings are some of the structures that are already using our system. We are also able to clean automobiles, boats and R.V's.

Q - What types of service packages are available?  

A - There are many different options available to help you keep your structure as clean as possible. We have monthly, quarterly and biannual maintenance programs available or we can customize a program to meet your needs. All prices are based on cubic footage and other determining factors, and each property is taken on a case by case basis.

Q - How bad is mold for me and my family?  

A - The negative health effects of mold exposure are just now fully being realized. In fact, a Center for Disease Control report concluded, "An exhaustive review of the scientific literature made it clear to us that it can be very hard to tease apart the health effects of exposure to mold from all the other factors that may be influencing health in the typical indoor environment," said committee chair Noreen Clark, Dean, School of Public Health, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. "That said, we were able to find sufficient evidence that certain respiratory problems, including symptoms in asthmatics who are sensitive to mold, are associated with exposure to mold and damp conditions."

Q - What steps can I take to see if my home has mold issues? 

A - A simple mold test will determine if you have mold within your home. These tests are relatively inexpensive and are available at many hardware stores.


We have an ozone treatment for black mold, an ozone treatment for mold, an ozone treatment for H1N1, an ozone treatment for MRSA, an ozone treatment for allergies, an ozone treatment for sanitizing, an ozone treatment for pet urine, an ozone treatment for smoke odors, an ozone treatment for odors, an ozone treatment for viruses, an ozone treatment for bacteria, an ozone treatment for meth labs, an ozone treatment for crime scene clean up.

An ozone treatment for bedbugs, bed bug, termites, insects, spiders, bugs, cockroaches, mice, rats, vermin, rodents, reptiles are not something we can say we treat without an exterminators license although it is a side effect of a single ozone treatment. All pets from the above mentioned or otherwise must be removed before an ozone treatment takes place or they will eradicated in the ozone treatment process.


Ozone with O3Pros - (858) 222-7181 - Harness The Power of Nature!


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