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Testimonials - O3Pros™ - We Are Your Ozone Professionals!

"Coming highly recommended from my sister I was happy to call them about their services. I hadn’t even heard of such a thing in regards to a safer cleaning alternative for my home. O3Pros was great though and they were very affordable which is a nice thing since cleaning companies and chemicals can be costly. No body wants their house to be “that house” if you know what I mean, but professional cleanings are expensive. Or so I thought! Their affordability is so great that I’m going be hiring them every 6 months, love you guys!"
Ashley - San Diego, California
"I just purchased a new home that smelled awful and hadn’t been properly sanitized in what seemed like years. For the first few weeks, I went room to room cleaning every inch by hand. Despite my thorough cleaning, there was still that rotten, dirty smell. It became evident to me that the root of the problem was more than surface deep and that in order to completely get rid of the smell and bacteria that I knew was festering, I would need to enlist some professional help. O3Pros to the rescue! This amazing company came within 24 hours and cleaned every inch of my home. I’m not sure of the science behind it, but I do know that my home smells fresh and clean. No more musty smell. I never would have gotten that smell out by myself! I highly recommend them for any homeowner!"
Lisa - Oceanside, California
"Great company offering a great, affordable service! I’ve used them for multiple office buildings and homes that I own. I buy up properties, fix them up, and either rent them out or flip them. Every once in a while, I’ll buy a property that was obviously owned by smokers or blatant slobs. You can clean all you like, but until you employ O3Pros services, it’s never truly clean and the smell will come back. Having them do a deep-cleaning of every property I purchase has now become standard practice. They show up on-time and really respect my property."
Kenny - Santa Barbara, California
"I’ve used ozone services for my RV multiple times. My husband and I normally will have them clean it before a trip. We take 2-3 week trips several times a year. Not only does the RV look and smell amazing, but we’ve also noticed over time that we get sick far less than we ever have. It used to be a typical occurrence for at least one of us to get some combination of a stomach virus, diarrhea, or flu-like symptoms at some point during our trips. Of course, this was attributed to being confined to such small living quarters and bacteria festering. Since we’ve regularly used O3Pros, we never have those unfortunate and inopportune illnesses. They come out and in just a few hours clean every inch of our Winnebago. Professional cleaning that is very reasonably priced!"
Terry - Del Mar, California
"A+. I just bought a used car that was previously owned by 2 chain smokers. It smelled disgusting, which is why I think the car was so cheap. Professional car detailing failed to take the smell away. I did a quick Google search and found these guys. They came out and cleaned that car like it’s never been cleaned before. The smell is completely gone and there is no weird after-smell. Completely pure-air smell. The pricing was very competitive as well. I’d recommend them to anyone and will be using them again in the future."
Wayne - San Diego, California
"I recently had this company come out and help eradicate a mold problem in my home. It was throughout my entire kitchen (all through the pipework, walls etc). I had several consultations from other companies that were so insanely high and couldn’t even assure me that the mold wouldn’t come back in a matter of weeks. What good is that to me? Thankfully, my neighbor had recently experienced the same mold problem and referred me to O3Pros and their “ozone services.” The service they provided was invaluable. The mold is gone for good and my husband and I are eternally grateful. They really did a great job and treated us and our home with the utmost respect."
Chris - La Jolla, California
"Renters had multiple pets in a duplex I rent out that is strictly pet-free. Their blatant disregard for the rules and other people’s property left me with ruined carpet in every single room of the house. I operate on a very tight budget so replacing all of that carpet was out of the question for me. Called O3Pros and they came out the next day and in just a few hours, had every single floor smelloing fresh and odor free. The unit is already move-in ready. And I am able to immediately show it for other potential renters. There is no evidence that an animal has ever set foot in it. Very competitive pricing offered too."
Mark - San Marcos, California


"I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this, but my husband and I really had a horrible bed bug problem. We have our suspicions as to where the problem originated from; a shady hotel we had no choice but to stay in while out of town for a last-minute trip to attend a funeral. Regardless of the origin, these nasty little critters had to go; along with any bacteria they helped propagate as well. We were lucky enough to find the O3Pros Team. They completely nuked the bed bug problem and cleaned every single room in the house. Our home has honestly never been cleaner or smelled any better than immediately after our home received the special treatment. I no longer am afraid to sleep in my own bed or sit on the couch with my family. Thank you so much for giving us that peace of mind."
Sarah - Vista, California
"O3Pros, thank you so much! I asked these professionals to help me with a very serious termite infestation in my attic. They assured me that they could definitely take care of my termite problem and do so in a way that was safe for my family, pets, and myself. They delivered in a major way. The termites are completely gone and have been gone for quite some time. I am eternally grateful for the great job they did!"
Thelma - San Diego, California
"I highly recommend the ozone cleaning service by O3Pros for anyone with kids! I was tired of dealing with a home full of sick, little kids. I know they bring germs home from school. O3Pros literally disinfects every milimeter of our home. Not only that, but they’ll even clean items like toys. They are so thorough and meticulous. I can attest to the fact that they care about the quality of the work they’re doing. My kids are definitely reaping the benefits to the service this company provides. Less runny noses, high temperatures, and sore throats! I’m a very happy mother!"
Martha - Carlsbad, California
"I’m a very frequent customer of O3Pros. I’ve asked them to clean my work truck, mattresses, minivan, and carpets. Basically any time there is something that needs a deep-cleaning, I call them. I’m on a first-name basis with the techs that come out. They always show up exactly when they say they will, they’re quick, and they just great people!"
Joe - Poway, California
"My family and I live a very green life. We only eat organic foods and even grow some of our own. We also abstain from the use of unnatural chemicals in our personal hygiene and cleaning supplies. It’s a lifestyle that definitely requires more work than our counterparts, but it’s worth it. It’s because of this lifestyle that we choose to use O3Pros. They help sanitize and deep-clean nearly everything in our home and they do it naturally. No harmful chemicals that can cause sickness for our children or pets. That is very important to us."
Natalie - San Diego, California
"I’m what you’ve call a naturalist. I don’t use chemicals in my house, or pesticides so when I found out my house had termites I was looking for an alternative solution to covering my house in some toxic tent that was just going to leave residue in my house for me, my family, and my pets to suffer from. When I called O3Pros, they were able to answer all my concerns and schedule termite elimination a frw days later! They had my house completely fixed in no time, so after coming back from a little ‘mini vacy’ I smelled nothing and no termites! Which is a good thing! I had them check on the issue weeks later, and they’re gone! They’re truly the best!"
Joanna - Oceanside, California
"Hearing from a friend just how great their experience was with O3Pros cleaning her carpets of cat urine odors, I had to contact them and schedule them to clean mine! I love my cats but they do what they want where they want sometimes. Stinky! I was impressed at the clear details they provided for me, and was happy to learn I didn’t have to worry about my fish or it’s tank. No chemicals, and some of my plants could stay too. They were not only extremely professional but polite all I had to do is let them in and I went to run some errands for a few hours. I came back to find my house smelling like an afternoon rain! This will be a yearly thing for me. Superb!"
Suzanne - San Diego, California
"One of the best cleaners serving the San Diego area! I own a luxury apartment complex and every time a tenant moves out I have O3Pros on speed dial to come in and give it the total cleaning system treatment! They’re in and out at no time and all! The girls at the office send me an invoice to my office and that’s all I have to do. My company has worked with several other cleaning companies but these are my go-to guys with the professionalism, effectiveness, and affordability. I highly recommend them to businesses big or small!"
Paul - La Jolla, CA

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